"Rick hit a home run with this!"

“A lot of guitarist talking about this.... great design!” 

“I love the Pro-Pic, got tired of standard picks falling or twisting during play. Once you set the pick in play, it stays there throughout the song. Great idea!!”

“I like a lot of acoustic players have that problem of the pick turning in our fingers.”

“it will make my playing a lot easier”

“I endorse a few products. this ones very promising.”

“Very cool”

I wanted to share my thoughts on the pro pick. I play guitar and gave this a workout recently and am impressed by the design,ease of use and quality sound." 

" The key is No more dropped picks!"

"Truly This unique pick should make it to the masses"

" I will have this for our next gig" 

“I have gotta say I was a skeptic but since I've been playing my pro pic I Don't think I ever want to go back. I play fast tremolo parts and I need a reliable pick that won't slip or move and that's the pro pic, everyone check them out if you haven't already!!!!”


"Great idea!"

“whoever loves playing guitar and has a problem holding their pick you should check out and like this page!”

 "It is a HIT”"

“This is a great tool to play guitar!”

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